America’s CivicArchive


Core Function
We’re intent to build America’s first database of meeting records for thousands of municipalities, school and special districts.

Although the process and strategy is logical, funders want to see proven financial models before investing. What is your priority? A proven financial model or documenting thousands of meetings happening daily or getting that information in the hands of citizens and stakeholders? Our priority is both.

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Civic stakeholder benefits

  • Civic Technologists use records to create your civic application or service
  • Businesses identify policy, procurement and other competitive opportunities, research historical events
  • Government staff research and monitor peer-agencies to identify most successful policies and best-practices
  • Advocacy organizations identify and monitor benchmarks, best practices, policy opportunities and engage networks
  • Citizens get and stay in the loop to stay informed and contribute more effectively
What we do
We seek to harvest and store America’s local government meeting records like agendas, minutes and support documents.

These records include a wide variety of information including legislative, administrative, procurement, financial, and much more.

We seek strategic partners and clients who understand the value of earlier information and how it could positively affect their policy outcomes and business.

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