Example: Policy Issue – Short Term Rentals

 Case Study: Multiple Cities

For years, cities across America have held public meetings to discuss local policy regarding the proliferation of short-term rental transactions that affect their community.

CivicArchive can help STR-stakeholders stay on top of what’s happening on a local basis, nationally. We scour local government records and find mentions of key industry terms that come up in agendas, minutes and support documents. We notify our subscribers of the meeting time and date and provide links to all the primary source documents.

With CivicArchive, organizations can maintain an online library of municipal records that can be searched, reviewed, shared or downloaded. See our model which illustrates our range of services and search tools we provide.

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What we look for
Our software searches for industry keywords and phrases, then weights them by frequency and relevancy. We provide summary information to help the advocate decide to dig deeper into the records or forward them to the appropriate people. Although we use an extensive library, a small example of the hundreds of relevant terms relating to the STR industry, which when found in the right combination would trigger an alert, include:

  • Transient occupancy
  • Hotel occupancy
  • Short term rental
  • Vacation rental
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Home sharing


  • Sharing economy
  • Homestead STR
  • STR


Document samples
We look for early clues a commission and committee meetings that indicate an interest in topics our subscribers want us to focus on. We’re able to programmatically follow meetings and notify subscribers about subsequent meetings and related documents.

This is a small sample of records we would have alerted our subscribers about before and after related meetings:

City of Brisbane, California
2015-04-23: Planning Commission
Agenda | Agenda Report Original | OCR Scanned | Minutes

Although many documents can be found using major search engines, they are unreadable once they are downloaded. CivicArchive OCR scans these documents and renders most of the content readable and searchable using our search tools.

City of San Diego, California
2015-04-22: Smart Use & Land Growth Committee
Agenda | DSD Presentation | Memorandum of Law | Budget Analyst report

City of Portland, Oregon
January 21, 2015
Council Agenda | Ordinance | Support Document | Testimony

Are you a short-term rental policy advocate? Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

What we do
We alert you when we find your keywords and phrases in local government meeting agendas, support documents and minutes.

We harvest and store America’s local government meeting records like agendas, minutes and support documents.

See our model
in development.

These records include a wide variety of information including legislative, administrative, procurement, financial, and much more.

Don’t miss another opportunity to advocate your position in America’s local municipal governments.